The fields were purple, blue, orange, and yellow, but every part of it was natural and commonplace for this part of the world. This place was hidden from everyone; only ten people have been here. One day, aliens invaded and the people hid under a big carpet. What was also hiding under the carpet was a big, fuzzy bear. The bear was brown and the size of me, which made my eyes glimmer and open wide. The bear took my glasses off and destroyed them with his bear hands. I became so mad that I punched the bear until he gave me new glasses. I had the bear drive me to the optometrist, help me pick out frames, and pay for the new glasses with his American Express business card. The bear said that the new glasses looked great. The bear put on his glasses and everything looked blurry as ever. The bear was so furious; he went to his eye doctor and stole every pair of glasses. He tried them on, but some of the glasses made him dizzy. It was no use; he had to get eye surgery instead. There was a mistake during his eye surgery and suddenly, he was able to shoot lasers out of his eyes! But it didn’t matter if he wasn’t normal; he would be hired as the new chief of surgery to perform with his laser eyes.