I looked into the eyeglass once more. To my surprise, I saw a McDonald’s restaurant. I quickly went inside and ordered two cheeseburgers, a large fry, a medium Coke, and ate all of it in approximately seven minutes and forty-two seconds. I started feeling weird when I went to my car. The car started to levitate me into the air and I couldn’t do anything more than stare out of the window in shock. I tried kicking the window to break free only to find that I broke my leg. “Oh great,” I said while crying with no one to help me. Then, I was going to lose to an ogre that didn’t ever brush his teeth. I don’t always lose, but when I do, I don’t so I did a roundhouse kick right at the ogre’s jaw. I kicked his head clean off and placed it on a stick to ward off any further idiots who thought they could mess with me. The idiots got really angry and started attacking me. However, the idiots were no match for the electric sword of ultimate power. The sword, however, was made of foam from the 99 cents store. I guess it still worked, but doesn’t harm anyone. It was now safe with me.