There was a brown, hairy man. He was a homeless man who lived on the streets of New York. The man grabbed the glass piece on the cement floor. All of a sudden, he threw it through a two-story window, breaking the window’s glass. The alarm system went off, waking up not only the entire neighborhood, but also the row of homeless men who has made the street their indefinite home. The homeless men got angry and started attacking random people. The hobo police were soon called in to investigate and they started capturing hobos left and right. One hobo, juked out a policeman, breaking his foot. He was punished severely, leaving him with purple and blue bruises. But he would not give up! He kept pushing harder and faster and stronger and better until his back broke and he was confined to a hospital bed in the ICU ward of the Greater Atlanta Medical Center. He realized that it was going to cost him a lot of money so he jumped out of the window. Before he hit the ground, he was frozen in mid air by a tractor beam from space. The tractor beam pulled the man up into the sky where he now lives in space.