In outer space on the moon, there is a crazy girl stuck in a deep crater. “Behold, I have the missing glass piece,” the crazy girl said. The crowd from behind the stage began to clap vigorously. Their clapping was so loud that an earthquake began as a result of their cheering; soon California was breaking apart from the rest of the United States. California drifted for many miles. All the people wondered what was going to happen to them until California hit another landmass. Finally, California crashed into Hawaii, forming a giant new land called Hawaiifornia. Hawaiifornia, was populated with large sausages. Let me tell you; it was crazy. So I made hotdogs out of them. It was hard to eat, as there were scraps of glass in them. My gums were bleeding as I munched on the half-edible food. I ran to find cotton balls to soak up all of the blood when I noticed the cotton was a weird turquoise color. Then I realized that it was not cotton candy at all. It was a pink sheep with a cone on its hood! The sheep however, was no ordinary sheep. It was a flying one.