Bob woke up in a place that looked like heaven. Tamale Heaven that is; he fell asleep during his lunch break at the popular Mexican restaurant. A group of students laughed at him when they went into the restaurant. The students were a bunch of cyborgs, short and stubby, were shooting lasers at the pole. When the lasers hit the pole, they came back at me. I was in pain. I felt like I was going to die, but I suddenly saw a bright and holy light flash from the horizon. The light wasn’t a bomb, but a giant explosion of cotton candy, gummy bears, fireworks, and music. I started eating the cotton candy, but I then I realized that my teeth were falling out. Luckily for me, a vampire bit me, so I grew fangs where the teeth had fallen out. I tried to bite an opponent, but missed and bit a spider. The spider bit me and I felt like I was turning into Spiderman. Instead, I was turning into a donkey, for there was a mistake in the spider’s DNA. This was how I became Shrek’s best friend.