A man is stuck in space and there is an alligator in the spaceship. The man decides to shoot the alligator, Scrublord the fifth. He misses the alligator and shoots the window. So he runs outside and runs after it. Then a crazy girl takes golden glasses and runs straight into a wall, leaving an opening for the man. The man peers through the hole in the wall to hear a maniacal laugh come from the girl, who is already meters away. Her laugh subsides and her eyes roll into the back of her head, showing only red eyes instead of normal white. She starts calling demons and ghosts to haunt people. The ghosts get tired and call in their replacements, the spooky, scary skeletons. The skeletons instead go to 7-11 for free slurpees. Let me tell you, it was DE-licious! The lemonade stand is a hit! Everyone buys the lemonade only because of the impressive glasswork that contains the lemonade. It is complex like an intricately woven design and it reflects light through the glass to show millions of colors. I am blinded and then I die.