I quit my job, sold all of my belongings, and moved to Vermont to open up an ice cream shop called “Sundaze.” My competition, “Izzze Creamzz,” was down the street. The owner, Hank, was very small and stubby, but yet very competitive. He would have idiots dressed as fudge bars dance out in front of my shop trying to lure my customers into his buildings. I needed a theme as well, so my theme was polar bears and iguanas. I had my mother dance and dress as a polar bear to attract customers. She stood outside in the hot sun for hours on end, losing almost 40 pounds. By the time summer was over, we had to take my mother to the hospital because she was the weight of a fifth grader. The doctor came in and said, “Your mother has a deadly disease that only penguins can have…” I was getting worried; it was now up to me to save her. I went to the nearest hospital and asked if a doctor could help me. He said he would, but only if he could have a lifetime of free ice cream. So I agreed.