David is falling from the sky. After ten seconds, he lands on a cloud. The could is fluffy, like falling into a swimming pool stuffed to the gills with fresh cotton balls and sweet cotton candy; he never felt lighter. He begins to float in the air and all of a sudden, sour patch gummies surround him. He closes his eyes, thinking that it was all a dream, but every time he blinks, a different type of candy appears. He eats all the candy and becomes fat within seconds. A doctor tells him he has diabetes and requires extreme medical attention. He screams loudly. The screams travel far and wide, below the ocean and over mountains. After, he isn’t able to speak ever again. All he could make was the sound of a dolphin. However, whenever a new day starts, he is able to make a different animal noise. He is scared, thinking it maybe a severe case that leads to death. He is so scared that he grabs five blankets and covers himself in all of them. Chuck Norris comes from the horizon and 360 round house kicks the whole city.