A superhero is looking around to see if there is any danger. He spots the Crusty Crew and their leader, Saucy John Sparrow, the evil wizard. His eyes brighten up and he starts to jump up and down because he is so excited. By jumping and down, he suddenly appears in Hawaii, still jumping and people looking at him like he is crazy. Saucy John Sparrow carries sauce in his pocket because he thinks his sauciness will kill everybody. To his surprise Saucy Jack flies at him with a barrage of saucy punches. He tries to defend himself, but Saucy Jack is too fast. Jacked knocks him out in one, swift punch. “Ow!” the man says, knowing that his ear is bleeding and his spine is a bit cracked. The man can barely move with the sever injuries. Though he wants to fight back, he can’t. The man just decides to take out his phone and play games since he can’t do anything about it. Then, a bear walks up to him, slaps the phone on the ground, and slaps him. He gets so mad that he attacks the bear then begins eating it.