The shoes were so bright that instead of headlights, she cut holes in the front of her car and used her shows to light the road. Many people thought she was crazy and she even got pulled over for it, but she didn’t care what people thought. The shoes suddenly changed color and grew eyes the size of a meatball. Suddenly, the sky became cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Truck sized meatballs rained down, crushing everything. After the meatballs, came a hurricane of marinara sauce and spaghetti tornados tearing up everything in its path. People started to eat everything. They were like people who had never seen food before as it if was the first time to eat something in 100 years. They looked like big round bowling balls. A colossal man picked up one of the big round balls, walked a few steps forward, and rolled it like a bowling ball. The ball crushed everything in its path until there was nothing left. Years later, you could find the ball living in Phoenix with his ball wife and three ball children; they have no friends or neighbors because they’re crushed them all.