One morning, I fell into a puddle. I started shrinking until I was the size of an ant. I walked around until I saw a giant foot coming at me. The foot was the epitome of disgusting: toe jam that was colored blue; a stench so bad I could see the smell waves; and the crustiest heal in all the land. The foot was 100 times bigger than me and began dripping blood on my forehead. I ran around in circles not knowing what to do because every time I moved somewhere else, the hideous foot followed me. The foot was so hideous; I kept falling every two minutes. Then the foot bit me. I started screaming, but then thought of a good plan to start eating the foot before it ate me. So, I got out my knife and fork, my salt and pepper, and of course, my Sriracha hot sauce, and went to town on the foot. Let me tell you, it was delicious. Though it may sound like a horrible and disgusting thing to eat, it was amazing!