There is a science classroom with 30 students and a crazy teacher. Her name is Ms. Rebecca and she doesn’t know how to control her class. Ms. Rebecca gave everybody detentions. Everybody except the teacher began crying because they didn’t want detentions. Then Ms. Rebecca started laughing like a crazy person and ran out of the class. While running, her hair turned green like the Joker’s hair and she pulled off her jeans and t-shirt to reveal a tailored purple suit with a joke flower on the lapel. They couldn’t believe their eyes: she was a girl version of the Joker! Each time Ms. Rebecca moved, hey eyes kept changing color and after five minutes, she started getting shorter, but her arms were getting longer. She began to cry. She cried until water was all the way up to her neck. She began to panic and her breathing shortened; she would have to drink all of her tears if she wanted to live! She did, but ended up dying because it was salt water and you know that if you drink too much salt water you die.