Brenda is a twenty-year-old female who has two younger sisters who are seventeen and sixteen. Brenda decided to go to Walmart and buy some juice. When she got there, she noticed someone that looked like Kim Jong Un. She got so scared that she called the police to catch Kim Jong Un. The police showed up with a straight jacket to commit her because no one could call the police on the king and get away with it. The king began to run away and grabbed his jewels while doing it. The king ran too fast that he tripped and fell flat on his face. The king was too lazy to get up. All of a sudden, a ninja jumped off the nearby building making many summersaults like an Olympic diver, pulled out a rifle, and 360 punched the king. The king took out his shield and blocked the bullet. The bullet ricocheted off the shield to the statue to the ceiling to hit the heart of the fair maiden princess Miranda. Miranda laughed instead of crying. She didn’t know how, but she couldn’t stop laughing. Her whole life, she had to deal with laughing instead of crying and somehow she liked it.