I hesitated, my hand shaking over the big red button, but I knew I had to press it in order to save mankind. So I did, I pressed the button, but stuffed bunnies began to fall from the sky. Once they hit the ground, the stuffed bunnies awoke and travelled like zombies towards the nearest Toys R Us. The bunnies went around turning other toys into zombies until every toy in the store was a zombie. The zombies even turned the cashier, Rich into a zombie and made him leader. The bunnies ran all over Toys R Us and touched every toy. When the bunnies touched the toys, they were brought to life. The bunnies were able to talk like humans and be able to do anything. When suddenly all the bunnies touched a cow toy, they became cows. The cows because the dominant species on Earth and the planet was renamed to Bovinetopia.