Mary Poppins gave me an umbrella and we flew with the chickens. The chickens made a quick stop at Burger King to buy a cheeseburger. Mary and I watched them eat their burgers while we enjoyed French fries and ice cold Coca-Colas. We even decided to go on the playground with toddlers that only had four teeth. The toddlers were angry that we took over the playground. Suddenly, it fell quiet and we could sense and impending doom headed our way. All I could say was, “RRRUUUUNNN!!!” Instead of running, our umbrellas sprouted wings and then we were swimming in the skies with sharks and dolphins. One shark actually became my best friend. His name is Wendall and we take trips to the mall every Sunday. He buys me a pretzel and always tells me I look good in everything I try on even though I know he’s lying just to be nice. I end up marrying the shark and turn into a shark myself.