Spy Kids

From the mainland I saw the view of the lightning. Its fierce bolts made my heart beat superfast and I trembled hard. I needed a pacemaker to steady beats into a softer rhythmic tone. Well, that is what my mom told me before I left her, but I only condescend on that note. Back to reality, I felt a soft breeze bristle past me, if only I had my shabby coat. I was already feeling homesick, and I wondered why I agreed to go on this mission. The parliament bad paid good money though. Also, people make a stereotype that I’m the best spy in the world. They always disregard the fact that I had one of the best teams behind me. But I guess it doesn’t matter because they always vote me to go on these types of missions. I beat the spy championship to a curmudgeon. Anyway, because of all the rain, my house was beginning to feel rotten. If the rooftops stopped leaking, it would have been godsend. I stared out my windowpane, and I spied a rock climber climbing to the spot where the lightning struck. I took a batch of medicine from the first aide kit and ran to the rock climber in case he was injured. Thinking he was a good person, I began to sedate him with all the medicines I had an epiphany when I realized I could put him in my team. If he was on our team, then out missions would be really suave. I called my crew to assemble. I hope they’re not cumbersome or ill have to kick them out.