The Beard's Adventure

We finally made it to mainland after a seven-day trip on the seas. The fierce wind accidentally blows away all of our belongings, including all the gold. The captain was so mad that his heart began beating faster and faster which caused him to need a pacemaker. On the other side of the bridge, Captain Orange was very condescending cause he had more gold. All of a sudden, the wind blew away his shabby beard and our whole crew was laughing. The beard flew away to the middle of town, where it felt homesick. It started to grow legs and walked into a meeting and was invited to be part of the parliament. The parliament made a stereotype that all beards are pink. All men were disregarding the beard, so it left and was unfortunately stepped on by a curmudgeon. As it stopped on the beard, the curmudgeon said, “Vote for me and I’ll buy you free tacos!” The beard ignored him and walked into a basketball championship game. During the game the beard was starving, so it saw a rotten hot dog and ate it. It was very gross; the water next to him was godsend. The beard heard footsteps on the roof, and the next thing you know, a climber came crashing down. The beard tried to help the climber, so he gave some water and made a batch of cookies. The climber felt sedated after it ate something in the cookie. The climber had an epiphany and knew there was chili in the cookie. Suddenly, the climber heard a voice in the air saying, “Buy suave and get a free corn dog.” The climber ran up to buy the product, but the avengers assembled and cut him in line. The climber tried to push Thor out of the way, but his hammer was cumbersome and smashed him in the head.